Black Shiver is the new flagship line of Novamarine manufacturing: a complex product dedicated to whoever is looking for the best of technology, design and functionality. This new marine product, entirely designed, engineered and manufactured  in Olbia (Sardinia), has as its key points the quality and professionalism of those who build it.

The numbers and performance reach competition levels, the powerful engines and hydrojets Kamewa – Rolls Royce push it to over 50 knots, the hull is designed to cruise at its top performance under all conditions, and the shallow draft allows you to get into shoal waters thus allowing an incomparable connection with the sea.

Last uniqueness, but not least in order of importance, the tubes used for the 220 and the entire Black Shiver line use a special shock-resistant rubber foam that is resistant to punctures and does not deflate thus offering greater safety and stability and allowing a larger interior space because of its semicircular shape. Everything is controlled from a console which is the quintessence of technology.

All Black Shiver models are fully customizable. The standard colors of the tube are black, gray or white, optionally there is a wide range of colors and infinite variety and types of fabrics available to satisfy the customers.

Because it cannot be defined in a class, being a stand-alone and modern product with no competitors alike, the only way it can be referred to or classified is by its own name – NOVAMARINE – the same name that has become Internationally recognizable