Brokerage Yachts

Yachts are the ultimate getaway for exploring the world in comfort. Your private kingdom away from land.

Imagine inviting ten of your close friends out for an adventure. Everyone boards your beautiful, and comfortable yacht. You chart a course to cruise down the beautiful Italian coast. Incredible views of the ever-changing coast all day, combined with the comforts of a full kitchen, multiple restrooms and staterooms for all your guests. There’s plenty of room to lounge around, a well-stocked bar, good music, good food and good company. It’s comparable to a luxury, floating apartment (or mansion in some cases) that you take where ever you want.

When the sun goes down, you pull into a beautiful marina, tie up at the guest dock and walk over to the water-front restaurant with all your friends for an unforgettable dinner (or your chef makes a fantastic dinner aboard). It is a comfortable means of exploring the world and, especially in the case of a sailing yacht, it is relatively inexpensive to go on a long adventure.

AqvaLuxe Yachts provide a boutique, customer-focused service, meaning we take time to listen to and understand your needs and then propose yachts that would best fit your lifestyle.

Search our Brokerage yachts
Search our Brokerage yachts